"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference."

-Robert Frost


Kapoho is a tropical paradise on the eastern point of the Big Island. Its forests, farms, and small community border a rugged coastline with enchanting vistas, hot ponds (for swimming & relaxing) and fabulous snorkeling. Hilo (25 miles), Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (40 miles) and the active Kilauea lava flow (15 miles) near Kalapana are close by. 


Kapoho is a small, rural community of active retirees, farmers and vacationers.  It appeals to those who enjoy the Hawaii of bygone days, with few tourists, little traffic, and no hotels, condos or tourist shops typical of much of the rest of Hawaii. 


Kapoho weather is tropical, with mild temperatures and little variability throughout the year. The average high temparture is 84 degrees with an average low of 68.  The warmest months are May through November (85-86 degrees), with slightly cooler temperatures from December through April (82 degrees).    


Although tropical, Kapoho is one of the driest areas on the east side of the Big Island with 80" of rainfall per year. Like the temperature, there is little variability in rainfall. September through November is a little wetter, and May through August a little dryer. Rain largely falls at night. Off-and-on showers extending into the morning and short showers in the afternoon are not uncommon, especially from September through April. Rain throughout the day is infrequent.  


By in large, visitors to Kapoho are North Americans. It is very popular with those from higher latitudes, who come during their winters to enjoy Kapoho's mild weather, water activities (from snorkeling to lounging in soothing geothermally heated hot ponds), and its slow- paced rural lifestyle. Conversly, Kapoho is popular with visitors coming to enjoy its mild climate and various activities while escaping hot summer months in much of the USA. Many, if not most, visitors have vacationed in Kapoho in the past, returning regularly.


Kapoho receives the most visitors during North America's winter (mid-December through March), and least in the fall (September through mid-November). July is the most popular month for visitors during North America's summer, especially for families with school age children.  


Visitors arrive by air to either nearby Hilo (29 miles) or Kona airports.  Air transportation to Kona from the mainland offers more flights and can be less expensive than flights to Hilo. However, it requires a 2 1/2 hour drive across or around the Island.  A car rental is a must to get to Kapoho, go to stores and restaurants, and see the many nearby sites.


Lodging accommodations range from vacation homes to farm stays to retreats (yoga, spiritual). Kapoho is hotel and condo free! Most visitors stay in vacation homes within Kapoho's two small adjoing oceanside subdivisions. The accommodations vary widely, from small attached units (ohanas), to large elegant oceanfront homes in resort like settings. Furnishings and up-keep can be variable. 


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